Howell Tree Farm

Spading Service

Howell Tree Farm raises a variety of landscaping trees along with our Christmas trees. Make an appointment to visit the farm during the growing season to choose the perfect tree for your yard.

Our tree spading service can move trees with up to a 5" diameter trunk. We come to your house, dig the hole, return to the farm and dig the tree, then bring it back to your house to plant it. Imagine an instant tree in your yard, and you don't even have to dig the hole! For 2024--Due to unforeseen demand, we do not have any really big trees for spading available--be sure to call to see what we have. It takes time to grow a tree, so please know that we won't have any big trees for several years, unfortunately.

Need a tree on your property moved? We can do that too! Call us at (515) 981-4762 for more details.

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