Howell Tree Farm

Full Service

We are a full service tree farm--you don't find that just anywhere! For over 50 years we've cut trees for our customers, and we are happy to do all the work.

All you need to do is select a tree from our patch selected for this year. Each tree is tagged with the price and a location code. When you find the perfect tree for your house, tear off the bottom portion of the tag and bring it to us. We'll go back out to the tree patch, find and cut your tree, haul it back and shake loose needles from the foliage. We'll bale it so it's easier to transport and get into your house, then we'll load it on your vehicle. If you want, we can even mount it on a tree stand for a small fee.

We'll load trees on top of vehicles, inside vehicles, and in the trunks of vehicles--we have the expertise to load them right. We have twine to tie them on, but if you like, bring an old sheet or blanket to cushion the ride on top of the car. It's not necessary, but some folks like that added protection on the car.

Please note we do all the cutting of trees--our insurance man likes it better that way! And folks have been known to cut down other people's trees, as well as our landscape trees. So we leave the handling of sharp tools to our employees. Thanks for your understanding!

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