Howell Tree Farm

Opening Day

Opening Day at Howell Tree Farm:

Saturday before Thanksgiving

  • Tagging begins at 7:00 am on Opening Day!
  • Full cutting crew available if you want to take your tree with you Opening Day.

New tree registration procedures to help shorten wait times:

  • Bring a pen and a permanent marker with you if you can (if you forget, we will have them available)
  • If you receive a mailing postcard from us, please bring that card along--it has your name and address on it.
  • If you don't have a card, ask for a registration card and we will give you one.
  • If you don't get a registration card before you select your tree, you will be asked to fill one out.

Select your tree as usual, then do this:

  • Tear off the bottom part of the tag.
  • Write your name with permanent marker on the tag left on the tree (if it is wet, don't worry about this part).
  • On your registration card, write your name, full address, and phone number.
  • On your registration card, write the printed tree number, the handwritten row code (letter/number combination), and the price (on the back of the tag).
  • Bring the tag and the card to the gift shop or outdoor pay station.
  • Make sure your info is legible, hand that card to the staff member, and show your tag to them.
  • You may pay when you pick your tree out, or when you pick it up.
  • We will use your filled out registration card to add the number to our computer file, so if you lose your tag we will have the number.
  • Keep the bottom portion of the tag and bring it with you to pick up your tree.


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